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First to say, I'm glad that the connections to EAB are working fast and stable again. I could not use it the last 2-3 days because the pages here either didn't finish to load at all or when I finally got in and started to write a new posting then it always crashed during 'Submit Reply'. Not so funny!

OK now, icon.library 46.4.208 is done. I tried to improve the color quality again. More is definitly not possible now. There also was a small bug, an overflow in the color tables could cause crashes when all 256 color registers were already used. That's fixed.

The PNGdt 44.6 doesn't need the pngalpha.library at all. I could find a way to get the best possible quality by processing each image twice with the PNGdt only, just using different background colors for the alpha blending. By comparing these two versions of the same image I can see where the alpha blending occured and where a pixel has just accidentally the same color as the background and thus should not be transparent.

This time I enclosed the OpenLibrary() calls for the datatypes with Forbid() and Permit(). I hope that can avoid any race conditions when the Workbench tries to open its screen.


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