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I spent my last three months at my last job playing games and surfing the net whilst waiting for my redundancy date!

All our work was gone so nothing else to do all day! At first I had my GP32 with me and was playing all the emulator classics like Megadrive/Snes/Mame

After a while I though fudge it and took my Laptop in! Much more fun

Lets see what did I play?

Well I revisited some old friends such as Doom III, Quake IV and UnrealII (which I never finished the first time)

I also played through FarCry again which looked stunning on my little 10in ASAS N10JH

Of course I used my headphones

However back in the day we used to play Championship Manager on Network play at my old work, this will be one of the really early PC relases... We had a season in the Championship, I remember I was Watford and my two mates were Fulham and QPR!

It was actually great and did disrupt like you would think, we'd be working and when our turn came round we'd make our changes and hit 'next' then get back to work!

Of course we played network games like Quake and Unreal Tournament but only in our own time

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