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I suppose this is good only for OS4 testers/devvers like you. Normal AmigaOne-wanting peasants will have to wait some more...
That depends on you. You could install Linux and MOL and use it as a MacOS X Box until AmigaOS4 becomes reality (that's what I did). Don't forget you'll get OS4 for free (that means you'll probably save about 70 USD/EURO, note that I'm just guessing).

If you don't want Linux/MacOS or want to be on the safe side (who knows, an earthquake might strike Hyperion's HQs) wait until January 2003. That would be the more sensible approach anyway, as one normally shouldn't by the "cat in the bag" (german phrase, is there an englisch equivalent?).

Then again betatesters like you already got an A1, right?
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