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Originally Posted by Newcomer View Post
Hello Nova,

But my bigger problem is the sound: In 1.2.0 it worked with DOTT, sound and speech - it was stuttering but it worked, now with 1.2.1 i cant hear anything!
I already changed ┬┤Auto_select_audio┬┤under Tooltypes to False and chosen 8bit-fast-stereo with 8000Hz, in Scumm-launcher everything under audio is on default, override-settings under DOTT are disabled! Even when I disable audio to only hear speach it doesnt work, it runs MUCH faster than with midi-on but I cant hear anything, no speech at all

Very strange if you've got it to work before on your setup

So you are using uncompressed audio files right? As stated above, ScummVM 68k doesn't support compressed audio (eg MP3, FLAC etc).

Do not try to use MIDI, as stated in the readme this will probably kill most games on most systems (it *may* work on some systems with a real AHI card for certain games).

There's nothing wrong with v1.2.1.011, you should hear speech/sfx for DOTT.
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