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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
And the reason the speech was missing is because some people have been using compressed datafiles!
Aaah! That was me! Yup, I wasn´t aware I was using a compressed version. The uncompressed one works 100% OK. Now we can play FOTAQ with its full speech in our Amigas! If using this uncompressed CD talkie version don't forget to move the "queen.tbl" file (at your Amiga ScummVM root folder or from the FOTAQ section at ScummVM page) to FOTAQ folder itself or it will throw you back to workbench (as it did to me the first time ^_^')

BTW, my IJ4 speech is working without issues both on AGA and ECS. I'm using English CD talkie version, so perhaps there's something with the german version Foxman is using. Dunno.

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