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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post

If you ared using BB4, remember to use PeterKĀ“s advice and remove pngalpha.library, as BB4 includes PNGdt.

I have already updated BB4 today.

PS: Whenever I get that error is because I somehow screwed my Picasso96 install/configuration.
Ok will try that, thnx for the tip.

BTW, I found out why that intuition requestor was coming up. There is an error in my startup-sequence that says "sys:c/loadresident: file is not executable".

Then I get the intuition I will try to fix that problem. Then I bet that requestor won't come up. Maybe I am using wrong version of loadresident or something...

I had that problem with BB4 and I had to copy loadresident over myself (It was not included with BB4?)

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