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It Came from the Desert Turbografx CD longplay

I just finished recording a longplay of the Turbografx CD version of It Came from the Desert, a really odd version of the game.

[ Show youtube player ]

It's pretty much completely different, but it shares some similarities with the original -

* the setting is the same - set in the 50s in a small desert town, though they changed the cool original name of Lizard Breath to the new lame name of Lovelock.

* your main ally is a somewhat nutty scientist

* your enemy is giant ants, and your mission is to take out the queen

* humans are taken over by the ants (similar to Antheads, only in this version they seem to be replaced by clones or something like that)

* you have a limited amount of days to finish the game

* it's nonlinear in that you select your destinations and you can only visit so many areas each day... meaning you will not see everything on your first playthrough, similar to the Amiga version

* the gameplay consists of talking to people and playing various minigames, this concept is similar to the Amiga version (though the minigames aren't as good by far, except one that is very similar)

* at one point you get a map screen of the town, displaying places you need to protect... only unlike the Amiga version, you only see this map once and it has no functionality
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