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Originally Posted by seuden View Post
It's very immature of me but when we're quiet at work I play Championship Manager ’93 EOS, I obviously love the game and the fact that there's no sound really helps. What other games do you or could you play at work? Obviously it mainly consists of mouse and keyboard games with no sound. I think it'd be obvious if I was playing with a pad or stick and loud noises.

I have also played Civ 2 & Imperialism 2 but I'm mainly looking for Amiga games.

EDIT: Oh, and I managed to complete The Secret of Monkey Island for the first time at work.

I cant believe people actually do this.
I could never do this, I would feel to guilty.

There may be the odd time where we are testing something and have say 5 mins go.
I remember thrashing matt at Lotus cause he challenged me. Even then that was almost home time.
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