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Originally Posted by LuMan View Post
Question: I've got an A1200 with BPPC and 40Mb RAM. I output through the AV connector straight into my LCD TV via SCART (picture's great). Will I be OK with this, or do I need to try and coax my non-functioning BVision card into life?
I'm afraid for starters you probably won't even get it up and running with 40MB memory... When I boot up my A4000 with Voodoo3 in my Prometheus and have 128Megs on the 233mhz 604e and 16MB on the MB I generally have just over 70MB spare memory... now admittedly I have alot of memory assigned to my harddrive partitions about 2048 per partition

Of course, I could be wrong? Someone with a A1200 could comment? But I'd put my money on betting with that kind of memory (or similair) threshold a graphics card is a must!

BTW - Slayer, you spend $250 in ONE NIGHT!! You are a total PARTY ANIMAL!!
I was younger and had a well paying job... I could blow $400 a weekend and still save money...

I don't go out that much now but when I do its for a binge and I usually spend more than $250 in one night since my tastes have refined somewhat
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