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Originally Posted by Foxman View Post
Sometimes i have become a black screen and see nothing (especialy IJ4 when he starts in New York (thats reproduceable and S&M the Intro when the Dr. speaks to his victim)) This bug i can fix when i push the F5 button for the Menu and resume. After that i see everything.
Some good news about that, just pausing and unpausing the game with the space bar produces the same result in a second!

Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
What's going on with the funny colors at the end of your video, does it always do that?
Yes, I can confirm that, a quick battery of tests with FOTAQ in both ECS and AGA:


-Floppy version: Intro video speech works, there is no in-game speech (I mean, there wasn't in the original floppy version). Colours are a mess and performance is poor, probably due to palette conversion, which produces a result waaaay uglier than in Lucas Scummvm games. I guess it requires another approach.

-CD talkie version: Same about images, speech (which should be there in both intro and in-game scenes) doesn´t work at all and somehow screws subtitles, which dissapear way to fast to be read. Disabling speech in launcher options make them readable again.


-Floppy version: images and colours are clean and crisp, performance is close to 100% optimal in both intro video and in-game scenes, probably due to not having a conversion process to be done. Intro speech works OK.

-CD talkie version: As before, no way to make speech work, but images and colours work as they should. Disabling speech make the game work like a charm!

(I forgot how damn fun FOTAQ was, I still have the CU Amiga demo disk with a demo that wasn´t actually a snippet of the game, but an interview with the characters in form of graphic adventure, I loved that! )

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