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Hello Nova,

today ive downloaded and checked new ScummVM AGA 030 from Aminet but ive got a lot of problems with it

At first I didnt remember how it was in 1.2.0 but why does ScummVM_AGA.readme attempt to open with tool ´EditPad´and not with Multiview? Im not able to open atm

But my bigger problem is the sound: In 1.2.0 it worked with DOTT, sound and speech - it was stuttering but it worked, now with 1.2.1 i cant hear anything!
I already changed ´Auto_select_audio´under Tooltypes to False and chosen 8bit-fast-stereo with 8000Hz, in Scumm-launcher everything under audio is on default, override-settings under DOTT are disabled! Even when I disable audio to only hear speach it doesnt work, it runs MUCH faster than with midi-on but I cant hear anything, no speech at all

Anyone an idea how to get this sound back??What i am doin wrong with 1.2.1?? Pls help me!

EDIT: now ive managed to open the readme - but cant find any helpful...already checked a lot but got no sound What is it??Need help!

And can you tell me pls why it does startup so slowly EVERY time? In readme i can read lookup-tables created at first startup of interpreter but it takes minutes every startup for me - 1.2.0 started up much faster! What are these lookup-tables for, and are they the reason for slow startup versus 1.2.0? And what can I do to get any sound??!

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