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Just thought I mention it when someone puts the words 'arcade', 'experience', 'home', and 'first' in one sentence Oh and yes, I had one and it was nice to see people drool when they played Samurai Showdown on it
Loved playing this at the Big Apple at the west end of Paisley, but one day when my mate got his student grant he bought it along with a Neo Geo CD...

Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid
What I hated about both systems was running in PAL 50Hz mode - slower games, squashed screens with borders - especially bad on the SNES. On the Amiga, PAL systems were better due to greater game support and the extra resolution came in handy. Plus we could switch many games to 60Hz if required.

On the consoles of the time, 60Hz systems were just plain better. Thankfully, with modern consoles, we've left all that nonsense behind.
One of the best things I ever bought was my US SNES...
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