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Deffo the SNES. Despite having a Mario 1up mushroom and picking the SNES I'm not a Nintendo fanboy. My first good system was a Master System and was an upgrade from a 2600.

I had both and while I found the MD great I found the SNES to be mind blowing. Games like Contra 3, Castlevania 4 and Rtype 3 still look beautiful today and the SNES was the first system to really bring the arcade experience home with fantastic conversions of SF2 and Final Fight. I don't care what anyone says Final Fight>Streets of Rage. Any time a game came out for both it always seemed to look, sound and play better on the SNES. Mortal Kombat was almost arcade perfect on the SNES but to Nintendo fanboys I have one word: DULLARD.

To anyone who says the MD has better sound I guess you've never heard the stunning organ effect in stage 2 of Axelay or the pounding drums when scaling the clock tower in Castlevania 4. Had both (still have both) and loved both, but for arcade conversions and the work of Shegeru Miyamoto the SNES just edges it...
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