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Originally Posted by rockersuke View Post
The game I was remixing was a little text adventure originally meant to be played in a 4Kb machine whose plot I pretended to expand a bit. In fact the game had almost no plot at all and my idea was somehow to build a story mixing fantasy elements with real memories from my younghood on a map based on the original scenario. No time at all to do that, at least the way I intended, but there's still something I can acomplish. Instead of making an ellaborated remake I can go and try to do just some plain basic port, totally playable at least as much as in the original.
Just to share with you where it all leaded to! Last year I made the remix of Haunted House which was basically the original game with multumedia enhancements and an auto-map feature. I wanted to add a plot, but hadn't the time.

Then, some weeks ago an interactive-fiction speed-comp was organized at IF forums. Its premise was entering with a work made using a language you had never used before, and that happened to happen at the very same time I was giving my first steps with Inform 7! To cut a long story short: now I have another Haunted House without any multimedia enhancement but with the kind of story I would have liked it to have the first time. Yeah, someday I'll made the final thing with both, but don't hold your breath...

The reason to tell you about it all here is that, against my own predictions, this latest version is playable on accelerated Amigas! After all, Inform 7 produces Z machine files, which are playable through Frotz. Frotz works on any Amiga with kickstart 2.x or bigger. I was afraid that, z machine or not, the load of code added by the internal Inform 7 libraries (which is way bigger than Inform 6 which is itself way bigger than Infocom z-machine games) would make it actually unplayable... Well, it was not so bad when I gave it a try! The game works with a reasonable (if not 100% optimal) speed in my 50 MHz 68030 : a couple of seconds of delay on average commands, 3-4 on the most complicated ones.

This is, of course, because my game is a short story and has been compiled in Z5 format. Other Inform 7 options (Z8, glulx files, multimedia, etc...) are probably out of the question and I wouldn't even try with mega-epics Inform 7 works as Blue Lacuna and similars.

Some pics:

Haven't tried with my A600 with ACA630 accelerator, I guess it would run noticeably slower.

The thing is here:

and the required interpreter to play with it in Amiga is:

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