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Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
Unless you want the A600 as well to be a portable machine or as a project then you already have the perfect WHDLoad Gaming system.

Even with the ACA630 the A600 is still slow with anything above 8 colours due to ECS chipset.

Its a great Accelerator, don't get me wrong by far better than the options we had before but in the real world I use my A1200 a whole lot more.

ECS is slow, but with an IndivisionECS added to your accelerated A600, it helps out a lot. Plus, I have hopes that Jens will continue to improve the functionality of the Indivision's to make them even closer to true graphic cards for Classic Amigas. There is already some discussion from "Third Party" developers, about tweaking the Indivision software to make it do things that it currently can't do, so that is also a possibility, if Jens has no interest in expanding the capabilities of the IndivisionECS & AGA.
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