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Testing now..
Think I might have found my problem with Full Throttle and no voices...
I was looking and I didn't have a monster.sou..
Now, I said earlier I had voices when playing on my PC and I do. ?? ;-)
The files I downloaded had a file called monster.sof
Yes, soF, not soU.

(I couldn't find my original, so I DLd a Full Throttle from somewhere..)

OK, so I went digging in the garage and found my CD. (Yeay!!!)
Transferring the file now..

No idea what an "sof" file is that different from an "sou" file.
(Also, the monster.sof file is about 45M. My monster.sou from the CD is 103M - 50% transferred so far..)

Initially, I'm going to copy just that file, but if that doesn't work, I'll copy the rest of it..

I thought I remembered someone else saying they weren't getting voices with some game too, so I wonder if it's the same thing...

Update: YEAY
"I'm not putting my lips on that!"

Voices.. So, I can now play Full Throttle with speaking on my A1200 with an ACA1230/28!
Now, the videos are fairly painful, but so far the point and click isn't bad.
I'm assuming parts like the bike fight would be pretty tough on this setup, but I'm impressed this is working!!!
(update: the bike fight is basically unplayable with the 28Mhz.. It's either locked up now or just in some really slow loop. :-)

That'll teach me to not just be lazy and DL something from the internet rather than look for my original..



OK, that won't teach me at all, but let it be a lesson to everyone else!! ;-)


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