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Hello people,

I will list here my system configuration, although I hope it's not my cumputer's fault, but who knows:

Intel Celeron at 633 MHz (not overclocked)
ASUS CUSL2-C Mainboard (intel 815ep chipset)
256 MB SDRAM PC133
Guillemot Hercules 3D Prophet II MX 32MB AGP (bios v3.11.00.18)
SoundBlaster Live! Value
NIC Ovislink (Realtek 8139A chip)
Hauppauge WinTV-Nova satellite DVB card

nVidia generic detonator drivers v30.82

The screenshot was captured by pressing the "Print Screen" key and then pasting the result in Microsoft Paint (it came preinstalled with the operating system) and saving as a .PNG file.

All the screenshots I've taken show exactly the same tearing effect that it's present while playing. The screen is always torn in half during the game, it's really annoying!

Could it be a problem related to my graphics card and/or drivers?

Thanks a million.
Best regards.
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