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Hmm, i have now tested the new version.
Hardware A600/ACA630/25 2MB Chip/32MBFast

I have tested short MI1,MI2,IJ4,DOTT and S&M.
At first, all games worked like the should. Sometimes i have become a black screen and see nothing (especialy IJ4 when he starts in New York (thats reproduceable and S&M the Intro when the Dr. speaks to his victim)) This bug i can fix when i push the F5 button for the Menu and resume. After that i see everything.

The speed is in all games good. The older games are working better, but also the newer games like IJ4 are okay. DOTT is one of the fastest games. S&M is unfortunately the slowest and not really good playable i think.

The greatest problem,all games have is the scrolling. Everytime the screen scrolls, the frames brake down. The its really choopy/jerky. I think than are onl 0,5 frames per second or so. This is really a prpblem with all games.
I dont think thats a problem with the drive Speed, because the Problem is with my slow CD-Rom drive and also with the much faster CF drive.

One time i have the "first start, second fail" bug, but after restart this bug wasnt even there. A second try, quit and restart was without any problems.

An other little bug i had one time, when i would add an other game i scrolled down to my drawer, but when i tryed to click on this drawer, the selection jumps to an other drawer. After a few minutes (with return and new choose) this bug wasnt even there.

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