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@James Sorry, pardon please, excuse me, I didn't want to fool you,
but the trick with the WBStartup drawer without using the pngalpha.library was not working like I wanted it. The names of the requested icons did not include the paths as I thought when I tried to detect the WBStartup drawer. I had to retrieve the full paths with all parent dirs first. Now it should really work, because when I disabled all image processing for the WBSTartup then I got the def_icons indeed.

Futhermore, I would strongly recommend to everybody to try out the PNGdt44 from Gunther Nickel without the pngalpha.library. It has a quite good quality, because it can fade with alpha against a gray background color, so that I could use a small range of this gray value to switch to a transparent background. OK, this is always a compromise between solid gray bubbles around the object and some transparent (gray) holes inside.

But the PNGdt44 is also the fastest datatype for icons and unlike the akPNG and the WarpPNG it has no memory leaks at all. The PNG_dt43 comes without memleaks too. The big disadvantage of these memleaks is the memory fragmentation, not the few bytes which get lost per image.

Please try the new version 46.4.205 and report any problems. I hope it's a bit more stable now than the previous versions 203 and 204.

According the small number of available colors I must say that it's not possible to perform a real high quality color reduction on the fly from 24 bit to 8 bit. Thus, my simple method it to cut some bits off from 8/8/8 to 3/3/2 and add some tricks here and there as long as they are fast enough. Finally the average icon may have just 30 - 50 colors out of 256 possible in theory. But no image uses the complete color range consistently like a color table.

What is more important on an older AGA system, speed or quality ?

Update below:

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