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XOR patent, eh? Wasn't everyone already using the XOR 'trick'? Sounds like prior art to me...
Originally Posted by desiv View Post
And Commodore was killing itself..
The question is, if that hadn't happened, would the CD32 release in the U.S. given them a new lease.
Probably not, because Amiga hardware isn't ideal for games, and sticking it in a console is just a stupid idea When it comes down to the kind of games the Amiga platform offered (most of the games), even a 16bit SNES is more capable than AGA+68020.
Originally Posted by desiv View Post
I still lay money that Commodore would have messed it up somehow tho.
They did screw up, and big time, too. They started out with having the best machine. How on earth can you fail if you have the best? By screwing up big time
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