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Originally Posted by SpeedGeek View Post
C= could not even afford to pay Employee saleries - much less $10M for patent infrigment. This is just another nail in the C= coffin. C= failure was combination of poor marketing decisions, greed and financial mismangement. C= shot itself in both feet and then cut off both legs to stop the bleeding!
I mostly agree.
Although, had the payed CadTrack up front (and I think it's a bogus patent myself), it would have been less than $10M.

And Commodore was killing itself..
The question is, if that hadn't happened, would the CD32 release in the U.S. given them a new lease.
It would have been a year and a half plus lead on the Playstation. Much less expensive than the 3DO...

There was a spot in the market for it and there was potential..

I still lay money that Commodore would have messed it up somehow tho.

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