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Hi sak561, I did get your message - sorry for not replying sooner, but my hard disk died recently.

CD32 + Keyboard, let me explain;

The CD32 only had a very limited number of games released officially, and when people started making unofficial discs for the machine, a lot of games didn't work properly because somewhere along the line they require keyboard input (be it on a high score table, or a keypress to use a special weapon or menu).

Most amiga users only had a one-button joystick back in the day, so many games require additional keyboard presses. That's just the way it is, I'm sorry to say. Since people have started using WHDLoad there has been the occasional joypad fix to solve these problems, so if there is a particular game you'd like fixed maybe the WHDLoad request thread is the place to start?

Having a keyboard for your cd32 is far from essential, but it does allow you access to a wider library of games.
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