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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
ScummVM ECS v1.2.1.010 in the Zone for testing.
Tested this version and the "flickering" issue is gone now . With disabled sound DOTT is now playable for me. With enabled sound the game is still dead slow and hangs somewhen.

What also seems to be fixed now is the "first start, second fail" issue and the workbench screen corruption after quitting. But found one new issue: It is not possible to enter capital letters when creating a savegame.

Regarding the sound settings I am testing exactly with the expected AHI settings from you.

Concerning Indivision ECS chunky pixel mode support you could contact Oliver Achten from Individual Computers. He implemented the ADoom version with IndyECS support and planned to do a ScummVM port as well AFAIK.

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