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Originally Posted by NathanTolbert View Post
This looks very cool NovaCoder. My hat is off to you for your superior skills. I have a weird question for you though. Are you planning on adding graffiti support if you can get the instructions on how to implement it? I know that it wouldn't be much faster, but it could run in 256 colors without having to downsample or what not (sorry I don't know the actual term used for scaling the colors from 256 to 64.) which might increase performance a little. What I'm curious about is why does it not run faster? I benched my old 486DX2-66 and it runs fine there reading from a 4x CD-ROM drive, that 600KB/s on transfer, and my hardrive is a whole whopping PIO Mode 2 which isn't very fast either. I don't want to sound like I'm griping, I'm just honestly curious as to what causes the overhead to require super fast hard drive access?

The main performance issue with the ECS version is the realtime color mapping from 8 bit to 6 bit, not the hard disk transfer rate.

Also consider that the 030's are pushing out less than 8 MIPS, apparently a 486DX2-66 did over 50 MIPS

Yep I'll try and add graffiti support for the AGA version, no point with the ECS version though as graffiti is too slow with ECS. I can't add support for the new IndivisionECS chunky mode myself as I don't have the hardware to test it on but of course anyone else could do it if they wanted to.
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