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Originally Posted by CyberZorro View Post
Tried that version. Still have the following findings:

[Showstopper] Display flickering issue (as explained in previous post)
[Showstopper] No usable sound support
[High] Major performance issues (e.g. on intro of DOTT)
[High] Application not restartable after quitting properly
[Medium] No usable (working?) speech support
[Medium] GFX corruption after quitting on workbench screen
[Low] Per default a 320x200 (NTSC) screenmode should be chosen instead of 320x256 (PAL) to better utilize the screen size.
[Low] No Help menu on "Help" button press
[Low] Console not working properly

Sounds to me like you haven't got AHI setup properly on your Amiga, did you have a look at the readme?

You should enable the Audio Requestor as show in this video [ Show youtube player ] to ensure you're using the correct AHI device (basic stereo 8bit without any +).

You can also use a Video requestor and select NTSC if you like.

Peformance is always going to be an issue with the ECS version as this is obviously doing a lot of color conversion work in realtime and pushing the little 600 hard.

With v1.2.1.009 you should be seeing performance similar to what is shown in the video above when you have 'PALETTE_UPDATE_THRESHOLD' set to 256, if you reduce 'PALETTE_UPDATE_THRESHOLD' to 0 it will look exactly the same as the orginal VGA game (show all cut scenes etc) but it will be very very slow on a real machine.

My video [ Show youtube player ] was taken with 'PALETTE_UPDATE_THRESHOLD' set to 0 and you can see it works pefectly under WINUAE.

Originally Posted by Foxman View Post
I have now tested the new Version with Sam and Max.

Looking good

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