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I have now tested the new Version with Sam and Max.

This first difference is a graphic Bug between the 1.2.1 and

These pictures have a yellow bug i think and are from 1.2.1:

With the new version the graphic looks fine:

The loading time with the new version was a little bit longer and the new version was not faster with Sam and Max.

With both Versions i see no menĂ¼ with the verbs @ IJ4. After i push F5 and Resume the menu is the correctly there.
in the 0009 Version the intro Screen with the Lucas Arts Logo is missing @ S&M and IJ4. But thats no problem because its really slow.

Edit: IJ4 has also the yellow bug like S&M below. And after i tested also IJ4 i can say both versions has the same rate (felt)
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