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Originally Posted by DJCruicky View Post
Sure will.
I had a quick go, but all I was successful in doing was to LHA the icon to the game folder but not the folder it's self. How do you do folders and sub-folders? If you tell I will do.
hehe, just the icon

Sorry. I picked this up from somewhere years ago and have it in a "How To" textfile...

      To archive all the files in the "RAM:DrawerName/" drawer simply type:

         lha -r a RAM:ArchiveName.LHA RAM:DrawerName/*

      and all files found in the "RAM:DrawerName/" drawer will be compacted
      into an LHA file called "RAM:ArchiveName.LHA".
This works with LhA 1.38 (25.8.92), which is the version I have.


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