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Originally Posted by Foxman View Post
Yesterday i´ve tested the new scummVM ECS.
On my A600/ACA030/25 the games (for example MI2/IJ4) are unplayable with music. And without music its also not really playable (much slowdowns).
I´ve only tested with the standard options.
Cool, thanks for testing for me, yep most (all) games won't play with with music because of the MIDI CPU load. Have a look at v1.2.1.009 ECS on AmiNet, see if that is any faster.

Originally Posted by Foxman
On the other side, the "first start, second fail" bug (scummAGA 060) is not in the ECS Version.
I've found out what is causing the 'first start, second fail' bug and it looks to me that both the AGA and ECS versions have this bug.

I'll fix the bug because it's quite nasty and do another release of both in a few days.

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