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Hi all, at long last I’m happy to say the update to my game ALIEN-Fish-Finger is at long last finished.
Thank you for all the ideas and suggestions you guys have given me, some of which I have added to the game. Sorry no extra levels, or Map editor (maybe in another 15 years for that one), but I hope I have made up for everything else.
Thank you also to all the people who have donated to my charity, even before the update was out, which was nice. Keep them coming.
I'm happy with how it turned out. The Achievements addition should give the game some extra fun. Check out the read-me guide on the disk for extra info.
The download link to my full game can be found on my charity page below.

Have fun.

David J. Cruickshank

System Requirements
An Amiga with 1 meg chip RAM.
A500+, A600 etc.

A1200 or above, for extra sound FX

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