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Originally Posted by antonvaltaz View Post
Makes me wonder if the successor companies to other major publishers or developers who *aren't* on any of these lists (e.g. Ocean, Renegade, Psygnosis, Bitmap Brothers, Sensible Software) would release their games if asked. Also I wonder why some games from a company were released but not others (e.g. Hero Quest was released but not Hero Quest II).
Would be good if all publishers had a section for retro downloads like Cinemaware / Factor 5 - could be a useful marketing tool as they could gain a feel for which of their old games still have a loyal following and could be worth up dating for handhelds / mobiles or even a full update for the new consoles-

Wonder if reason for games not being included is that the original disk images are lost or corrupt - Seems mad that in a digital age we are prepared to lose digital media just due to a lack of effective archiving.

The page I ve added just list the webpage name and the publisher they have an agreement with to distribute the games - In an ideal world I would list the games as well but I still have to finish categorising the PD games as I ve only finished up to F and this is my main focus. I think however it is important to have a page clarrifying freeware / abandonware as I think most people don't fully appreciate the distinction and also I think it is better to direct people to sites which have taken the time to contact the publishers and obtain permission to host their games rather than support other sites which have just assumed it is ok to offer every single game for download.
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