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Jesus on E's weird issue... I must be doing something wrong here.

I am using the A1200 listed in my signature. It works fine for a most everything I do with it some demos and some games don't work right. I would like to know how to fix these. I'll start simply with one thing and see if I can learn enought from you guys to do the rest on my own.

As you can see I have CWB V26 (Bloodywych RULEZ!) I also have all the Killergorilla Demo and Game packs (Killergorilla RULEZ!). I have used my AF Kickstarts with the Rom.key I have also grabkicked my A1200s 3.1 rom and my A500's 1.3 Rom so that been tried as well. I also have tried the ones found in the Amiga TOSEC floating around the net.

All of these leave me with Jesus on E's playing Music Just fine and a white screen. No crashing the computer lets me F10 at any point and quit. Then runs other demos just fine. I discovered this when someone suggested that it might so me if I had the timing Issue in my A1200. I'm pretty sure not as it played Alienbreed 3D for about an hour or so and no problems there. Also left State of the Art running for a few hours while I was away and no problems there. Played Lemmings, It Came for the Desert, and a few other demos to see what would happen. No granted a few demos had issues too but I'm sure its something I'm doing wrong not my new ACA1230.

I would like to learn what to do to make the rom file I would like to have for Maprom. Other than thatI don't have ACAtune's program running in startup at all as I don't know what I sould be using besides maprom. Hope I get some help thanks all..
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