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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
As for EA giving free reign on their past Amiga back catalogue, I find that extraordinarily hard to believe, they don't give anything away.
I'd have thought so too, but Exotica seem to have a mirror of the old Ami Sector One site and they're all listed as being legally available.

Mind you Activision's old games are all listed as being legally free to download from BTTR, and I guess they'd be as unlikely as EA to give anything away.

Makes me wonder if the successor companies to other major publishers or developers who *aren't* on any of these lists (e.g. Ocean, Renegade, Psygnosis, Bitmap Brothers, Sensible Software) would release their games if asked. Also I wonder why some games from a company were released but not others (e.g. Hero Quest was released but not Hero Quest II).
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