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Originally Posted by _ThEcRoW View Post
Yeah, make the games hardlñy playable as the mid 80 counterparts when everyone got frustrated by the null playability and high difficult.*Great gurianos anyone?.
Also, i don't see the point in bashing save games, if you think that this is bad, then don't save, and try to finish the game with one play. Good luck with that in fallout3 or new vegas.
The way you wrote this just has "big mouth" written all over it. Did i not state that there are particular games where constantly being able to save would be needed? I may not have said it that way but the implication on my part was there.

There has been shit games in every decade of gaming but then there have been great games and i found games during those times more of a challenge than games now.

You've cherry picked one game in your comment and made it the catalyst for everything that came out during that time. Re-read what i wrote and let logic dictate your response.
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