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I think the new games are all right, at least the ones that are new

BigFairy: Funny you should say that - I'm still blinking in incredulity at the set of games for N3DS I saw a month back. They're still going on with sequel 10 of silly uninteresting Jap games!? (in 2001 quality 3D). That coupled with Nintendo's sad developer treatment makes it unbuyable to me. With new developers, new ideas and new games it could have been the next train to awesometown, but the games catalogue gives me the creeps.

Both Wii and N3DS have the potential to be excellent platforms for new ideas, but as long as Nintendo are the way they are... (note how I wanted to say they have their head up their ass but refrained from doing so)

I don't see any contradiction between embracing new stuff and enjoy the old, though. Perhaps some day pixels will cease to be magic to me but it's not happened yet despite antialiasing and flashy graphics-bling

And remember that ideas can be new regardless of platform. So there's no contradiction between a platform being old and doing new things on it. It may take a lot of work to make it happen, and I'll concede it's an effort to get your mind in the right place and believe in your ideas, but that's at least why I code Amiga OCS. The games domain is the one most likely to innovate in (with the result that the software makes you turn your Amiga on again, I mean).
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