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Originally Posted by DyLucke View Post
Hmm, i think WHDLoad could work on all Amigas if you do the correct board hacking to give 1mb chip (1mb Agnus needed) using the trapdoor expansion. Thus with 1mb chip and this new accelerator-IDE-RAM we might be able to run the complete WHDLoad ECS-OCS catalogue.

However how much fastram are we talking about? Would it come with an embedded 68000 faster than the stock one? Would it be replaceable? What if we replace it with a 68010? Would it work? Would we get any kind of improvement with it? Will it allow any other kind of processor upgrade?

Under my point of view and talking about my needings, a 68000 14-16mhz, or a 020 14mhz with 4mb FastRam, after doing the mobo hack to get 1mb chip would be enough. I don't plan to have some kind of monster that could compete with an accelerated A1200 since i already own one.

Too many questions i guess... ^^
Anticipated thanks for the answers... ^^
What RKauer said, plus:

Basically WHDLoad itself will work with most any Amiga but different slaves show different behavior with and without MMU in the CPU and 1MB chip or less than 1 MB chip etc. Even for games that were fine with 0.5MB chip and 0.5MB "fastmem". Even for games that occupied ~300 MB chip only with no other requirements. The exit key might not work on some, requiring a reboot, which defeats its purpose.

Estimating that about 25% of the games will not work (as in not start, play, and return to WB on a machine with enough memory to support WHDLoad+the game) due to this that or the other reason, I would prefer a 1MB chip machine with at least 68030 (MMU) as a WHDload machine.

I'm sure Jens is already in progress and the specs won't change. I think a 1MB A500 with his 68020 will reduce the 25% to much less, so it will probably be all right as a WHDLoad machine.

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