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[quote=Galahad/FLT;753055]Exile ECS version is allowed to be distributed, but that permission can be recalled at anytime by the original author.


How do you know about Exile's distribution?

I tried contacting the Audiogenic via their website but the contact email is not working

Interestingly the website would suggest they are still selling their original amiga titles - even though you currently can't contact them.

Update -
I am guessing this is the page refering to Exile's distribution

I would love to interview Peter as I remember playing Exile on the BBC Micro which was the first computer I played on as a child - its amazing to think it was possilbe to do all the physics with 32K memory.

I have added a page to my website which will provide links to these freeware sites to make it easier for people looking for legal sites to download amiga games from - the aim of Amigapd is to still focus on public domain but whilst interviewing programmers if they are willing to make their work available as freeware then they will be included on the site - similar to Adrian Cummings page.

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