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Originally Posted by Korodny View Post
There are only very few games which have been classified as "Freeware". In most cases, the publisher just gave one particular site (Back2Roots, Dream17, Aminet) permission to host the game. This does not mean that everybody else can distribute the game aswell.

I know this is nitpicking, but you asked
No that's fine - I am currently in contact with a couple of programmers who might be willing to release their work as Freeware - I will hopefully update over the next few weeks.

I think we now have three categories to work with:

Clearly stated Freeware -

Revolution games (Beneath a Steele Sky + Lure of the Temptress) is officially Freeware - I also have an email from Revolution games confirming this

Mutation Software

Fields Of Battle can be distributed anywhere according to the in-game registration info:




Free to download but the agreement is between the publisher and one specific website:

Team 17 games are available on the Dream 17 fan site - unclear if 17 Bit games are freeware

Gremlin games now appear to be on this website - unclear if freeware as site states they have obtained permision only for themselves to distribute.

Core + some other companies are available exclusively from back2roots

I assume this is the correct category for S2325's link

Genetic Species Is this from Aminet only ??

Only available to download for free from the publisher

Factor Five - games can be downloaded for free but are not available as Public Domain -

Eat The Whistle:

Cinemaware on games on the following site - but unclear if games are freeware
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