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Its finally in!

I tried many different locations for the floppy controller board and the HxC floppy emulator board inside the CDTV.

I ended up with the floppy controller board tucked underneath the expansion port hole with a long floppy cable running towards the front. The HxC fits vertically in front of the power supply no need to fix it in anyway as it clipped in tightly being some case screws.

The long floppy drive cable is tucked away inside and comes out of the expansion port and into the floppy drive socket. I'll cut the expansion port plate so I can re-fit it.

The SD slot is facing up towards the top of the case so I cut a little slot with my new craft drill. It was a nightmare and a little bit scruffy. Also, the card is dead level with the top of the case, so getting the card out is a long nails job. I'll be tidying this up in due course.

One outstanding (but important) job is that I don't have a floppy drive connector that is long enough to reach between the floppy controller and HxC so I'm hoping to pick one up from maplin tomorrow.

It was never the most mint CDTV to begin with, but I'm glad i've got it fitted in.

Wife's camera was stuck in B+W mode so I took a few chip shots

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