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Yeah, make the games hardlñy playable as the mid 80 counterparts when everyone got frustrated by the null playability and high difficult.*Great gurianos anyone?.
Also, i don't see the point in bashing save games, if you think that this is bad, then don't save, and try to finish the game with one play. Good luck with that in fallout3 or new vegas.

Originally Posted by blade002 View Post
Development time for games on the Amiga ran over the course of a couple of years and in some cases 5 years of development time. Just because the game only required 1 MB of Ram does not mean it didnt take alot of work to produce something special due to the fact that it was that exact limitation hardware wise and memory wise that required alot more work to make it stand out from the crowd, but these coders normally came from the 8 bit scene, which was a scene that focused more on gameplay due to even further restrictions. When you dont have the graphics to sell your latest piece you need to create a game that is enjoyable to play, hence that talent and mindset transfered over to the Amiga.

The problem with PC games is that you can save at ANY time, thus making it easy to just save your way through it every 5 seconds, and although i understand that the size of the game dictates the need for these saves, it makes the game far less of a challenge than any C64 or Amiga game ive played in the past. This dellusion though that constant saving is absolutely necessary in "all" games has been proven to be false in games like Hitman on the PC which i thought was a brilliant game and was a TRUE challenge!!.

Deus-Ex is the kind of game that required saving due to its non linear nature and depth of play, so there are exceptions to the rule ( damn GREAT game too, loved it to bits ), but generally speaking, games have no real challenge now.

( BTW - you may say that if you do not want to save then just dont!. But we are all creatures of habit and we are going to use it, but i would rather be forced not too. )
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