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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
Really, well Jens has not communicated that to me at all regarding fix.
Really? I figured we were talking about this:
Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
The trouble was - once again - power supply related. Some PSUs cause more noise than others, and if it's "on the edge", then you get a funny effect: The memory is stable with no keyboard connected, and it's getting unstable (showing 0MB fastmem most of the time) if the keyboard is connected.

This noise is a matter of a few nanoseconds only, and I managed to get around it in pure logic. All new 42MHz cards have this fix already applied.
Thats why i asked what end users currently without issues can / should do, and if the fix affects performance. At some point someone might start being affected, perhaps due to having to swap PSU, motherboard, or simply by selling of the ACA to someone who gets the issue. As i figure Jens isn't going to provide free firmware updates until the end of time if it has to be done "in-house" then that might be a reason to make sure there is a solution that lets owners apply the fix themselves.

Anyways, cheers.
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