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Thanks for the PM and other messages. Now what is this ROM file that they talk about here:

OK, in my ClassicWB folder there was no hd\devs\kickstarts\ subfolders, so I went ahead and created all three folders. I copied the kick40068.A1200 in there and copied the skick346.RAR in there as well. I still get the same error.

Now, in my ClassicWB folder was a subfolder called HARD DISK so I deleted the hd\devs\kickstarts\ and created HARD DISK\devs\kickstarts\instead and copied the kick40068.A1200 and skick346.RAR there, but I still get the same error.

Do I need to UnRAR the skick346.RAR file?

I simply drage the game (Flink_v2.2_CD32.RAR) from my Windows desktop into the ClassicWB Amiga 4000 window, and open the icon on its desktop and click on the games icon. after getting the WHDLoad copyright message, I get the same error. Would you kindly please help!?
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