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Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
I'm not sure i would consider noise issues a fault. Jens stated it's a rare combination of factors that makes it an issue, eve with his cards, and even then, a firmware update resolves it. If anything it's an issue with the cards, not being properly designed to suit the hardware it's meant for. And, as a proof of Jens dedication, he came up with a solution. (At least i think he said it was sorted, and that now shipping cards had the fix?)

What i'm sort of wondering. This fix, as i recall, is a firmware update. Those of us that doesn't suffer from the issue, but might want to sell our accelerators, or perhaps put it in a different A1200 later. Can we obtain the fix, and apply it on our own? Does it affect performance?
Really, well Jens has not communicated that to me at all regarding fix.

Originally Posted by Claw22000 View Post
Well so far so Good ran a bunch of demos and played Alienbreed 3d for a wile and now I'm here on my Amiga! This is sweet never though I would be using this to serf the web. haha. Well now all I need is wireless and a portable DVD player with video in so I can sit in a coffie shop and blow peoples minds.
Glad its all working for you.
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