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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
Im personally not conviced that its a PSU issue, causing corruption, as that would mean that all 20+ PSU's we have used (in testing) are faulty? doubt it.
I'm not sure i would consider noise issues a fault. Jens stated it's a rare combination of factors that makes it an issue, eve with his cards, and even then, a firmware update resolves it. If anything it's an issue with the cards, not being properly designed to suit the hardware it's meant for. And, as a proof of Jens dedication, he came up with a solution. (At least i think he said it was sorted, and that now shipping cards had the fix?)

What i'm sort of wondering. This fix, as i recall, is a firmware update. Those of us that doesn't suffer from the issue, but might want to sell our accelerators, or perhaps put it in a different A1200 later. Can we obtain the fix, and apply it on our own? Does it affect performance?
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