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Former commercial games released as Freeware


I was wondering if there is an accurate list of Amiga commercial games which have officially been classified now as Freeware (meaning they can be included on websites for download and freely exchanged as long as no profit is made from their distribution)

Adrian Cummunings has clarrifed the situation with his games from Mutation Software in his recent interview for my site

I know Revolution games (Beneath a Steele Sky) is officially Freeware

The following publishers have sites for there games but it is unclear if they are now freeware:

Team 17 games are available on the Dream 17 fan site - unclear if 17 Bit games are freeware

Cinemaware on games on the following site - but unclear if games are freeware

Gremlin games now appear to be on this website - unclear if freeware as site states they have obtained permision only for themselves to distribute.

The following are available for free download but are not available as public domain.

Factor Five - games can be downloaded for free but are not available as Public Domain -

Apologies if this has been discussed before but I couldnt see a thread doing a quick search. The reason for starting this post is that I would like to add a section to my website which clarrifies the freeware situation of former commercial games.

If there are any programmers on the EAB site who would like to release their former commercial work as Freeware and would be interested in having a page dedicated to their work similar to the one for Adrian Cummings then please PM me. Thanks in advance.
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