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Originally Posted by Foxman View Post
Hi Novacoder,

now i have tested some games like DOTT and Sam and Max.
The Speed and the quality are amazing
Glad you like it, and lots of people said that the later versions of ScummVM were too slow to run on AGA

If you have an 060 you can also bump the 'MAX_FPS' tooltype up to say 25 for most games.

But i have also some bugs found.

ScummVM works only correct at the first time i start.
At the first time i saw the loading picture and everything is fine.

After i shut down or quit ScummVM i could not start the program correctly.
I've seen this myself in WinUAE a couple of times and was hoping that it didn't effect the real thing. Not sure who else has this problem?

The second bug i have is with the PC Indiana Jones 4 (Talk Version)
The problem is i have no speech. DOTT and S&M are working correctly with good speech quality. But Indy 4 im not able to work with speech.
Is that an known problem, or did you have any idea to fix this problem?
You could try and play with the 'EVENT_CALLBACK_DELAY' tooltype, try setting it lower to say 3 and see if that fixes it for Indy 4. What about Full Throttle, do you get speech in that ok?

Lowering the 'EVENT_CALLBACK_DELAY' will slow the peformance down a little bit, be warned.

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