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Hi Novacoder,

now i have tested some games like DOTT and Sam and Max.
The Speed and the quality are amazing

But i have also some bugs found.

ScummVM works only correct at the first time i start.
At the first time i saw the loading picture and everything is fine.

After i shut down or quit ScummVM i could not start the program correctly.

At the second time im not seeing the loading page. When the program is loaded the screen flashes (flickers) extremly. I am able to start a game, but there is the same problem.
A restart of the Amiga changes nothing. Only the new installation eliminates the bug. (but only for the first start)

The second bug i have is with the PC Indiana Jones 4 (Talk Version)
The problem is i have no speech. DOTT and S&M are working correctly with good speech quality. But Indy 4 im not able to work with speech.
Is that an known problem, or did you have any idea to fix this problem?
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