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ah, thanx... not met lenny yet personally, but im sure its probably just a matter of time. + yeah the 7" im working on is mostly amiga. i do everything with 2 a600s + octamed. mostly samples, sequencing and some terrible scratching.

as far as teeth!... theres a big problem with the random generator in teeth... its basically pseudo-random. this means that users could potentially generate the same content. i think thats unacceptable and decided not to release it until i fix it. i wrote down some ideas for fixing it, but havent tried it out yet. what i may do is remove the random code until then... i think it will still be valuable without it (esp w/ pattern ops + offset pasting). anyways this is my tentative timeline for teeth:

1. finish adding some new stuff
2. remove random code + upload
3. rewrite better random code + upload

if someone with more programming knowledge can suggest a better random routine, i'd love to hear about it. basically my idea for fixing it is to obfuscate it with more math...

anyways, should be finished soon i hope.
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