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The trouble was - once again - power supply related. Some PSUs cause more noise than others, and if it's "on the edge", then you get a funny effect: The memory is stable with no keyboard connected, and it's getting unstable (showing 0MB fastmem most of the time) if the keyboard is connected.
When (sort of) on the subject. Any chance you (or anyone else reading this) would consider producing new PSUs, not only for the Amiga but also for the C64 for example? I don't know about the A600/A1200 PSUs, but atleast the C64 ones are known to take the computer with them when they die, which is why it feels a little scary each time I switch on one of my older computers. (Not to mention how sad and expensive it would be to see a Chameleon or 1541U get fried.) My A1200 has a somewhat newer AT-PSU, but still...
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