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cd32 games show small on tv

Iv got a ntsc cd32 with the "lift leg on chip mod" to play pal 50hz (but it still displays ntsc color) and iv got a multisystem crt tv.

My question is, some games use most of the screen of the tv to display while others only use a smaller portion and are offset. They are not cut off as you get when running ntsc games on a pal system, they are the full picture, its just that they are not full screen. Is this normal? does anyone who has a real cd32 hooked up to a tv have this happen too?

I see that on youtube one poster named "icbrkr" uploaded game videos with the same display as I am getting. But he's using a ntsc cd32 also so I don't know if this is normal with pal cd32's also?

Just to clarify, some games have the title screen show full screen but the game part shows smaller or sometimes much smaller as with games like marvins marvelous adventure. And then some games show most of the screen.

I couldn't find any other videos on youtube of the actual cd32 console gameplay on a tv using a pal system.
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