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CRT vs Flat Screen?

Having emulated many classic systems on my PC (M.A.M.E, Sega, Amiga and so on), I was always a little disappointed with the blurry screen o/p on modern flat screen monitors (just can't cope with the low res GFX I guess?).

I decided to buy myself a new (old stock) 17" CRT with FST, and replaced my Phillips TFT.

WOW what a difference its made to my retro gaming experience. Bright, crisp graphics and no screen tearing....just super.

OK Widows XP looks little less sharp, but the CRT does support higher screen modes than the TFT did.

I paid a measly £29.99 (inc delivery) for an out-of-the-box CTX branded monitor.

And to cap it off I upgraded my aged Sempron 2400+ socket A CPU to an Athlon XP 2800+ cpu for £9.00!!!! Added another 1 GB of DDR 3200 for £20.00 (new, Kingston brand) and will soon add a PCI SATA card to replace the old IDE drive.

No need to buy a new machine my old one, upgraded, emulates perfectly

who needs fancy quad-core machines and the latest LED flat screen monitors?...I certainly dont
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